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Duceur Creole

The rental of the Douceur Créole villa is very popular. In this Seaside Resort, you are in the route of Martinique’s southern beaches. At only 5 minutes walking distance you will have your feet on the sand at the beach of Gros Raisin. In the heart of the villa rental on Martinique, you have a choice between taking a nice sea bath, having lunch at of the beach restaurants (Caribbean Food, Aglae Beach Club), tasting the famous food van chichis- a variant of churros- or taking a stroll along the coast to discover other beaches. Some of the previous offer nautical activities for those who love strong emotions or for those who like to go discover.

There are many beaches near the Douceur Créole Villa

Either walking or by car, the Douceur Créole villa is located where you can get the ideal bath. You can choose between Anse Mabouya, Fond Larion, Fond Banane, Corps de Garde or Pont Café.

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You can go for a chic or a relaxing environment.

At night, you can choose a chic environment at Pura Vida or Case Coco. Or else, if you prefer visit a small good beach restaurant, in the village, where the lamb steak is highly on demand.

Cultural richness around the Douceur Créole villa.

On this Cultural Coast, you can create your own island perfume, stroll around the Montravail Forest to discover certain archaeological traces, or you can also visit the Ecomuseum of Figuier Cove, the place for an equally beautiful popular and familial beach.

Villa Douceur Créole : une richesse culturelle aux alentours
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Duceur Créole villa, a strategic location

On this Practical coast, you have the possibility to do your shopping or buy the essential, and you can head to the village of Sainte-Luce in only 3 minutes by car. The nearest pharmacy is located on the route to the closest beach.